Faculty of Management is the first and oldest higher education institution within Megatrend University from Belgrade. Since its foundation in 1997, it has been educating students in the fields of economics, business and management. Our graduated students successfully work and apply acquired knowledge in many public and private companies, public institutions and organizations. A certain number of our graduates are successfully working in many countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and the best students who gained the scientific title of PhD, are successful teachers at this higher education institution.

Faculty of Management Zajecar occupies a high position in education in the Republic of Serbia today due to more than 2000 students in our study programs. The acknowledgement of our good work is a recognition awarded by the International Scientific Committee "EDUNIVERSAL" which ranked the Faculty among the top 1000 faculties of management and business in the world. The Faculty is the laureate of the Kapetan Misa Anastasijevic Charter for significant achievements in the development of higher education, as well as the annual Award of the city of Zajecar for the overall contribution in the development of the city and municipality.

Faculty of Management Zajecar is a higher education institution accredited by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia (KAPK). It offers its students education through study programs in the fields of economics, business and management at all study levels (undergraduate studies, graduate academic studies, master academic studies and doctoral academic studies). The Faculty of Management Zajecar is an accredited institution for conducting scientific and research activities by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and is registered in the NIO Register with ID number 200304.

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The Faculty of Management offers the following accredited study programs:

Under the auspices of the Faculty, there is also an accredited higher education unit outside the head office and without the status of a legal entity in Pozarevac with accredited study programs of Graduate academic studies of Economics and Master academic studies of Economics.

In addition to providing the students with a broad knowledge of economics, business and management, the study programs give the opportunity for all ambitious students to be actively involved in the teaching and scientific research process. Together with teachers and associates, they can participate in the development and implementation of scientific and research and development projects. There are 24 teachers in the teaching process with the scientific title of Doctor of Science and 2 teacher of foreign language. Five full-time associates are employed at the institution, three of which are assistants, and two are teaching associates.

In the last five years, the teachers and associates have published over 700 scientific and professional papers published in international and domestic scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences.

The faculty library has over 4000 library units (textbooks and professional literature) that are intended for students and teachers in the realization of study programs. In addition to the realization of its study programs, the faculty is successful in organizing seminars in the fields of computer science, foreign languages, management in healthcare and tourism, ECDL courses…